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Thoughts from the CEO

Securing the Enterprise

Guru Pai, Privafy CEO, standing

A Look Back

For the past two decades, I’ve observed the way in which global organizations (both large and small) have struggled to protect their most valuable asset – data. The proliferation of next-generation technologies and concepts such as digital transformation, mobility, and more recently, edge computing have changed the way we conduct business. The adoption of these new technologies has introduced the reality of data-in-motion – where data moves between locations, clouds, and even the IoT – and in turn, has highlighted a gaping hole in the way organizations should be securing data on the move.

Time and time again, we’re exposed to news around the latest occurrence of a data breach. It’s painfully obvious that legacy security architecture has essentially become obsolete and is unable to keep data secure. This is where Privafy comes in.

I am passionate about changing the current network security landscape. And thankfully, I’ve joined forces with some pretty incredible people who feel the same way.

Our Connected Past

We are Privafy. A company dedicated to reimagining the way to secure data-in-motion. Together, our team have helped shape some of the most complex and intricate networks in the world, spanning our time at Verizon, NXP, Motorola, Facebook, Sun Microsystems, and AT&T/Bell Labs.

For years, though, we’ve been witness to the same recurring theme: without the proper security, data-in-motion remains at risk.

A Shared Vision

To date, vendors have built gateways, switches, firewalls and other devices that are designed to keep bad actors out of the four walls of a business. Historically, it has worked. But that was before concepts like “digital transformation” were truly impacting the enterprise.

Today’s modern business is reliant on the Internet; geographically dispersed with remote workers connecting to private networks, switching between mobile and laptop devices. We’ve become dependent on SaaS applications and continue to migrate workloads to the cloud. These actions have made our working lives easier, faster and more connected than ever before. However, this transformation has inverted network and security service design patterns, shifting the focal point to the identity of the user or device, not the internal data center. Simply put – those “four walls of a business” no longer exist.

And despite an increase in spending on network security point solutions, we see a simultaneous increase in data breaches (and those are just the ones that are reported). The problem with point products is that businesses are continuously adding new vendors to environments with products that aren’t purpose-built for today’s digital age – they don’t scale, are impossible to integrate, and often only focus on one challenge. The result is several solutions that need manual provisioning, patching, and updating – and a costly team to keep them running. Even technologies such as SD-WAN focus more on cost reductions, are unable to address underlying security vulnerabilities.

We believe there is a better way to protect critical business information.

Security Redefined

We believe that every IT executive in charge of sensitive business data needs a system that includes:

  • Absolute Encryption™ – An architecture that eliminates traditional static key-provisioning into endpoints. A fundamentally new way to encrypt internet sessions without legacy vulnerabilities
  • Endpoint Identity Protection – Technology that uniquely creates and safeguards end-point identities with a unique hyper-ledger system throughout the supply-chain process.
  • Impervious Firewall™ – A robust and flexible firewall functionality that uses dynamic perimeter controls. Only authorized applications are allowed to traverse the perimeter on a per-flow basis – once an application terminates, any new traffic will originate a new event – thereby eliminating breaches due to static ports.
  • Deep Content Inspection – An offering that delivers full content inspection at line rates, allowing for comprehensive malware screening on inbound traffic. A service that allows concurrent screening using multiple threat databases. Additionally, it thoroughly inspects outbound traffic for complete data loss prevention, including screening for specific risks like PII data or specific company secrets – all without application performance degradation.
  • Non-Degrading Performance – A solution that executes all rules, policies, and logic through lightweight endpoints. A proprietary hyper-efficient control protocol coupled with efficient client software and full peer-to-peer architectures delivers services without degrading application performance.
  • Ultra-High Service Availability — A solution that provides unmatched reliability and uptime and can be implemented in a variety of fault-tolerant configurations protecting against device, location, and broadband network failures.


Privafy incorporates each of these functions into an easy-to-use solution that disrupts the cost associated with complex, archaic point network solutions. Our cloud-native application integrates all the functionality of encryption systems and VPNs, firewalls, DDoS protection, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS and IPS), data loss prevention (DLP) and deep content inspection technology to provide comprehensive protection as data traverses between locations, clouds, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

We’ve created a new approach to data security. We are here to simplify the way businesses of every size protect themselves against data-in-motion-related threats, while giving control of data security back to the user, regardless of how large an enterprise they are, where they are located or how they work.

Today and the Future

Today, we’re incredibly excited to share our vision, technology and company news. It’s been an exciting journey. We’ve hired many new wonderfully talented employees since the start of the year and will continue to build a world-class team of security and network professionals. We’re working with incredible customers, and have solidified an amazing team of investors and leaders.

Cheers to an exciting journey for 2020 and beyond!