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SD-WAN Makes Getting Too Close to the Edge Dangerous.  Read More.

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Security that Transcends the Threat

Most Security Operations Centers are focused on finding unknown threats while also plugging cybersecurity gaps before they can lead to a breach. Unfortunately, cyber-criminals are constantly trying to leverage the complexity of large business networks against them.

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Managing Complexity

Many enterprises are dispersed globally with multiple physical and cloud-based networks and resources. With a high number of employees remotely accessing sensitive data, each user increases the surface area for a potential attack while each location adds network complexity. It makes for a challenging environment to secure.

Enterprises have to grow while simultaneously hitting business goals and cutting operational expenses. Finding a way to accomplish all these tasks without compromising security can sometimes seem impossible.


Privafy for Enterprise

The Privafy Solution

Privafy’s solutions offer enterprise-grade security with non-degrading performance at high scale.  For example, our proprietary encryption approach for secure connectivity protects any location and any user device with unparalleled security. And it doesn’t matter if you have thousands or even millions of concurrent connections.

As a result:

  • Our proprietary architecture and design provides robust security protecting Privafy endpoints from being compromised by any cloning attempts.
  • Our multi-cloud service architecture provides high availability during catastrophic events.
  • Our resilient and fault-tolerant endpoints enable business continuity to enterprises without a glitch.
  • Our zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) deployment empowers enterprises to add new sites, branches or stores with the agility to support secure business growth.


Maintaining compliance with standards like PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and others is accomplished by having Privafy rigidly protect any personal information anywhere in the network. This way, Privafy can ensure both high security and compliance with any regulation, best-practices guideline, or law.

The way your data travels is changing, why hasn't your security?

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