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Match Your Privafy Service to Your Needs

It’s Easy to Choose Precisely the Protection That’s Right for Your Organization

Are you looking to add functionality to an existing security solution? Bringing a new office online? Extending protection to a team of remote users? Whatever your security needs, you’ll find that Privafy will simplify and strengthen your security infrastructure—for a lot less than you’d pay for conventional “point” solutions.


The next generation security solution for cloud-native startups and new cloud development facilities requiring no physical security infrastructure.


Best for small businesses and home offices with physical networks running traffic up to 100 MB per second


Designed for multi-site businesses with high availability physical networks running traffic up to 1 GB per second, as well as mid-sized enterprises with hybrid deployments of physical and cloud workloads


The comprehensive security solution for large enterprises with physical offices running networks of more than 1 GB per second, and with workloads in private clouds

Purchasing is a Simple 3-Step Process
Step 1
Create your company user account at Privafy Central, the one-stop hub where you can configure, order, activate and manage your Privafy security solution.
Step 2
Configure your Privafy security solution; you’ll also do this at Privafy Central. We’ll walk you through it with a few questions.
Step 3
Provide credit card information and click the ”Buy Now” button. We’ll take it from there.
Configuration Tips
In order to be sure that we’re offering you the best—and most cost-effective—security solution for your business, we’ll need to learn how you’re using your network. We’ll guide you through the configuration process on Privafy Central.

Will you be using a cloud data center?

Examples include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and private clouds. You’ll need one CloudEdge service for each of your cloud data centers.

CloudEdge is a Privafy service that ensures secure connectivity between the cloud and your business. It can secure all cloud environments, even if users are accessing your cloud applications from a non-secure network.

What’s your bandwidth?

Individual CloudEdge service may be provisioned for different bandwidths, up to 1 GB or greater. You’ll need to specify the bandwidth for each of your devices.

Will you be securing a physical network?

If so, you’ll require one NetEdge device for each network location; i.e., one for the central office, and one each for any remote offices.

NetEdge is a hardware interface that ensures secure on-premise connectivity that’s clone-proof and tamper-resistant. It can be deployed as a standalone security solution or as part of your existing firewall-based security.

What’s your bandwidth?

Individual NetEdge devices may be provisioned for different bandwidths, up to 1 GB or greater. You’ll need to specify the bandwidth for each of your NetEdge devices.


Will you be protecting remote users and their devices?

If so, you’ll need to specify one AppEdge service for each device (e.g., a laptop, tablet or smartphone). If you’re not sure of the exact number of devices, a good rule of thumb is two to three remote devices per user; it’s easy to add or delete devices later.

AppEdge is a Privafy service that allows users to quickly establish a secure, encrypted link to the corporate network or hosted/private cloud from any device that supports an Internet connection.

That’s it! You’re ready to simplify and strengthen your data security with Privafy.

Let’s Get started!