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Privafy Cloud Services
The capabilities shown below are currently available. We advise customers to make their purchasing decisions based upon features now available in Privafy's security as a service application. Check back soon to see new features.

Feature List

Absolute Encryption

  • Non-degrading encryption at line rate
  • Privafy proprietary concurrent multi-key encryption
  • Zero-Touch Encryption Key Management
  • Key Management using hyperledger
  • Intelligent profile assignment, validation and activation


Secure Access to Clouds – CloudEdge

  • Secure Access to Private Cloud
  • Amazon Web Service (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Outbound Traffic & Access Controls

  • Privafy standard website and destination across access control by
    • Web classification and reputation
    • IP reputation
    • Anti-phishing
  • Site and destination access control through DNS Filtering
  • Traffic flow monitoring and policy enforcement using intelligent DNS
  • Traffic filtering
    • Application*
    • Geography
    • File Type
    • URL
    • Destination IP address
    • Protocols
    • Ports
  • Malicious URL steering *
  • AI-based detection of anomalous outbound traffic patterns


Inbound Traffic & Access Controls

  • Privafy Intrusion Detection System
    • Standard based on Privafy selected threat databases
    • Customer selected threat databases (add-on)
    • AI-driven augmentation of threat databases
  • Privafy Intrusion Prevention System
    • Standard Privafy policies and actions including block and notify
    • Custom provided policies and actions (add-on)
  • Denial of Service Prevention
    • Privafy proprietary site-based DoS & DDoS detection & mitigation
    • Pre-emptive network-wide DoS & DDoS prevention rules
  • Generic Inbound service management


Data Loss Prevention – Detection and rules-based enforcement*

  • Standard Privafy dictionaries
  • Customer supplied policies (add-on)
  • AI-based traffic flow anomaly detection


Content Inspection and Rating*

  • Header Inspection
    • Standard dictionaries and self-identified site ratings
    • Customer supplied policies (add-on)
    • AI augmented dictionaries and ratings
  • Payload Inspection
    • Payload inspection using Private Intermediate Root Certificate
    • Standard Privafy dictionaries-based policies
    • Customer supplied policies (add-on)
    • AI augmented dictionaries and ratings
  • Sandbox & Quarantine of unknown and suspicious content


Cloud Application Control through Privafy Cloud Access Security Broker


Device/Endpoint detection & classification*


Intra-LAN traffic & broadcast detection & classification*


Industry Specific Compliance including Dictionaries, Rules and Policies

  • PCI


Government Compliance Program

  • FIPS 140-2/3 (add-on)
  • JITC (add-on)
  • Common Criteria (CC) (add-on)


Traffic Management

  • Customer Traffic Prioritization
    • By Application*
    • Destination and Geography*
    • Customer provided dictionaries for routing policies (add-on)
    • Policy-based bandwidth allocation
  • Customer supplied per user traffic steering policy (Source/Cloud)
  • Dashboards for traffic data visualization


Customer Operations and Provisioning

  • Rapid implementation using zero touch provisioning
    • Auto discovery
    • Automated install from Privafy cloud
    • Intelligent high frequency encryption key rotation
  • Categorization of alerting and alarms by severity and actionable
  • User selected multi-level event logging
  • Audit trails for system and user activity
  • Multiple administrator profiles and permissions for policy controls*
  • Real-time visibility of the usage, performance and health
    • Visibility
    • Control
  • REST API’s
    • Reporting
    • Event logging
    • Alerting
  • Integration with user directories*
    • Microsoft active directory
    • Google Suite directory


Network & Protocol support

  • Higher security, efficient routing and packet processing using IPv6
  • IPv4 & IPv6 interworking


System Resiliency and Reliability

  • Multi-Cloud container architecture
  • Public-Public Cloud Redundancy
  • Custom Private-Public Cloud Redundancy (add-on)
  • Geographical redundancy – Local, Regional, Global
  • Active-active per-customer container-based cluster (add-on)
  • Database redundancy
  • Customer Information Protection
  • Privafy Customer Information Protection Standards



  • Tamper-resistant hardware design
  • Clone-proof
  • Chip-embedded device keys – Plug & Trust
  • Redundant 1G LAN & WAN Connectivity
  • Stackable NetEdge 1G devices (10 x 1G per location) (add-on)
  • Available in 1U rackmount compatible
  • Ultra-low power consumption design
  • Self-managed software
  • Resiliency
    • Active-active Redundant ISP WAN link steering
    • Active-active Dynamic Application-aware path redundancy and selection
    • Active-active redundancy across stacked 1G devices



  • Easy installation and auto-scaling
  • Redundancy support with clustering
  • Load balancing across clusters
  • Clone-proof
  • Resiliency
    • Active-active containers across cores
    • Active-active containers across zones



  • Clone-proof
  • Multiple platform and operating system support
    • Apple iOS v13 (Minimum)
    • Android v8.0 Oreo (Minimum)
    • macOS v10.12 (Minimum)
    • Windows 10 (Minimum)
    • Linux OS (Ubuntu 19.04)
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Dynamic NetEdge/CloudEdge connectivity


* Feature is coming soon and is not included in current website pricing.

Privafy may at any time update the services or discontinue any feature or functionality. All Privafy services are governed by the Privafy Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. For add-on features pricing is available upon request.

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