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SITE, Privafy Announce JV for delivery of Extended Detection and Response solution in the kingdom.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Your schedule doesn't allow you to wait for answers - especially when security is involved. To help, Privafy curated a list of common questions and responses, so you can spend more time focused on keeping your company safe.
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Browse the topics below to find answers to commonly asked questions about the Privafy service.

For questions about our Partner program, visit our partner portal.

For technical questions, contact our technical support team at PrivafyCentral.

I’m setting up a new office. How can Privafy help keep it secure?

For new offices, Privafy provides a complete security solution that is simple and affordable, with monthly subscription pricing and no high upfront costs. Since Privafy is cloud-based for modern digital businesses, it protects both physical and cloud workloads. It also provides content inspection and data loss prevention (DLP) to protect sensitive data, as well as mobile endpoint security for remote workers.

Is Privafy a firewall?

Privafy provides firewall capabilities and much more, including intrusion detection and prevention, protection against DoS/DDoS attacks, data loss prevention, content inspection secure cloud connectivity and VPN connections.

What if I already have a firewall?

You can continue to use your existing firewall with the Privafy service, as Privafy integrates seamlessly with most firewalls. In this deployment, Privafy augments your existing firewall with additional capabilities not found in a traditional firewall, such as secure cloud and mobile endpoint connectivity, VPN encryption and data loss prevention. Or you can integrate Privafy with your entire network to measure and monitor your firewall’s performance.

Can Privafy secure my access to SaaS applications like Microsoft Office 365, or GitHub?

Yes. Privafy provides secure access to SaaS applications to ensure that only authorized users can access those applications. Privafy also allows you to control access and enforce security policies for users accessing those applications.

My business needs to be HIPAA compliant. Is Privafy right for me?

Privafy is a part of a HIPAA-compliant security framework and provides user audit trails to support compliance reporting, but Privafy does not store patient health information nor does it access encrypted data that is passed through the network.

My business needs to be PCI DSS compliant. Is Privafy right for me?

Privafy provides encryption for data in motion as well as user audit trails – capabilities that support PCI DSS compliance. Privafy does not store data, however. A complete PCI DSS security solution would include other components such as secure storage and identity and access management (IAM) controls.

My business needs to be GDPR/CCPA compliant. Is Privafy right for me?

Privafy’s data encryption capabilities and user audit trails support privacy compliance requirements, but are only part of a broader GDPR/CCPA compliance effort that would include secure storage for data at rest and other considerations.

Does Privafy protect us against zero-day viruses?

Privafy uses multiple threat feeds to protect against known, unknown and new (e.g., “zero-day”) viruses and attacks. In addition, Privafy applies security intelligence learned from its global customer base to each Privafy customer, so that customers benefit from a wider net of threat data.

Will Privafy protect against ransomware attacks?

Privafy helps protect against ransomware by blocking cyber attackers and malware that can harbor ransomware attacks. It’s recommended to also secure the data-at-rest for a complete ransomware solution by implementing other security tools such as world-class endpoint security services that can scan the data in user devices for any ransomware malware.

Does Privafy stop/block denial-of-service attacks?

Yes, Privafy has specific features that are designed to identify and block both denial-of-service (DoS) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks in all private IP scenarios. Privafy can also integrate with any Content Delivery Network (CDN) to protect against site level DDoS attacks.

Is Privafy’s encryption strong enough to protect information sent over non-secure (e.g., public wi-fi) networks?

Yes, Privafy uses specially developed, proprietary technology to dramatically improve key rotation in virtual private network (VPN) connections. This technology, in addition to Privafy’s absolute encryption, creates a secure path that protects data and communications sent from or received by a Privafy-protected endpoint.

I get too many security alerts right now for trivial events. Can I filter which alerts I see with Privafy?

Yes, you can. Simply click on “Settings” from your PrivafyCentral dashboard to filter alerts by location, type, severity and more.

How do I install the Privafy service?

If you can download an app, activate a cloud service, or plug in a device, you can install our AppEdge, CloudEdge, and NetEdge services without any additional help. We also partner with leading managed service providers and managed security service providers to sell, install and manage our solutions.

How does the service update itself and how often?

Yes. Privafy is continually, automatically updated via the cloud to your network and devices. The updates include software and security policies. Privafy cloud also replaces all the manual updates which are required in archaic VPN solutions.

Most of my IT is in a hosted cloud. Will I still benefit from Privafy?

Absolutely. Privafy CloudEdge is designed specifically to protect apps and data in the cloud—whether hosted, private, or hybrid. Privafy AppEdge protects endpoints that use cloud services, from laptops to smartphones.



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