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Why Privafy?
A New Approach to Data Security
Privafy’s cloud-native application simplifies security to protect your business from Data-in-Motion threats – all in a single solution.

Your Security Approach is Dated

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Too complex
Current approach lacks complete security, is challenging to deploy, and nearly impossible to integrate into your existing infrastructure.
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Virtualized is not cloud-native
Virtualized network functions are difficult to administer and share the same vulnerabilities as monolithic hardware with zero benefits of the cloud.
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Costs are rising
Multiple vendors mean multiple bills and the need for dedicated staff. Provisioning, patching, and updating point solutions is expensive, and leaves room for costly human error.
Security Redefined
Today’s enterprise environment struggles to effectively secure Data-in-Motion, regardless of size or geography. Privafy’s secure solution is purpose-built to address the most common and most difficult data challenges companies face, including:

Essential Security Requirements for Data Security

A comprehensive data-in-motion infrastructure requires seven critical layers of security functionality –typically delivered as discrete point solutions by multiple vendors. The result is a complex matrix that’s extremely expensive to acquire and operate— and isn’t always as secure as it needs to be.

The Problem with Point Products

You’re continuously adding new vendors to your environment with products that aren’t built for today’s digital age – they don’t scale with your business, are impossible to integrate, and often only focus on one challenge. The result is several solutions that need manual provisioning, patching, and updating – and a costly team to keep them running. With Privafy, you can tailor services to match your company’s needs, budget, and security requirements. With low capital costs of about 10% of a typical legacy enterprise solution, Privafy delivers Global 500-level security within reach of even small- to medium-sized businesses while using 90% less power consumption than conventional point solutions.

The Privafy Advantage

A comprehensive, cloud-native security-as-a-service application that unifies all the functionality delivered by costly point solutions; SD-WAN, MPLS, VPNs, firewalls, DDoS protection, deep packet inspection, intrusion prevention, and detection systems.

Comprehensive Security

Privafy provides all of the essential requirements for data-in-motion security in a single solution, keeping your business safe from unauthorized malware attacks, DDoS and malicious service interruption, and more.  Privafy ensures your business will always be protected with non-degradable performance, device, link, and service redundancy.


Easy to use and set up. Simply plug Privafy into your environment and protection starts. A simple interface centrally manages all your Privafy deployments, displaying critical data charts, threat alerts, and security trends. Enforce protection points and change policies for all your locations, devices, and cloud applications with intuitive business rules from a single dashboard.

Affordable & Flexible

Regardless of the size of your business, Privafy’s security-as-a-service model allows you to protect new devices and locations as your business grows – all at a fraction of the cost of traditional point solutions. Select a plan that works for you with the functionality you need with little to no capex.

The way your data travels is changing, why hasn't your security?

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