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Unparalleled Protection for Every Situation

Mobility and remote access is a universal concern for all organizations. Every company, regardless of industry or size, needs to empower their workers with access to the resources they need to be productive anywhere and from any device. And they must do that without compromising security.

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Bullet The Out of Control Threat Landscape

Remote users need to safely access their company’s private workloads securely and seamlessly.

Yet, granting that access from anywhere in the world using any device can become a security nightmare. And the larger your mobile profile, the bigger your potential attack footprint.

Traditionally, the man in the middle (MITM) attacks have been one of the most common ways to intercept sensitive data-in-motion from the remote user’s device to the company’s workloads, while users employ the internet for connectivity.

Bullet Achieving True Edge Security

Compounding issues are legacy Virtual Private Networks (VPN) which are breached regularly due to vulnerable protocols and heavy manual interventions. VPNs also add latency by routing traffic through extra hops, thereby degrading performance.

Privafy AppEdge can connect to any physical location, or cloud workload from any mobile device or laptop, over an encrypted pathway established using Privafy proprietary technology.

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Privafy Applies Comprehensive Security Policies to All Traffic Moving in the Network By

Ensuring users can securely access the critical data from any locations using public internet

Supporting Apple, Android and Windows devices and increasing adoption from users on any device on any platform

Enabling secure access to workloads from anywhere and with any device, allowing users to collaborate remotely.

The way your data travels is changing, why hasn't your security?

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