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Data-in-Motion Security Redefined

Your data is traveling farther than your security stack can handle – until now. Privafy protects your data-in-motion simply and completely through a cloud-based security service that delivers everything you need, every way you work and everywhere you are. So you can work assured.
Why Privafy

The Data Security Dilemma

Despite an overwhelming increase in cybersecurity spending, data breaches continue to increase in number and sophistication. Attacks traditionally targeted towards large enterprises, such as ransomware, DDoS, and botnets, are moving to smaller targets, leaving all businesses vulnerable. What’s even more troubling? Fewer than 40% of companies have a cyber-risk strategy in place.

Is Your Data Secure?

yearly increase in data breaches
Digital transformation is putting critical business information at risk at a rapidly increasing rate.
to identify and contain a breach
Businesses lack the proper visibility to spot and address attacks immediately.
"things" to secure by 2020
Connected devices are the future of business, but prioritizing security poses severe challenges.

Secure Your Data-In-Motion. Wherever it Travels.

As businesses’ reliance on the internet increases, so do the security challenges. In enterprise network environments, encryption, routing, remote access, firewalls, deep packet inspection, DDoS, MPLS, SD-WAN, VPN, and intrusion detection and prevention systems, each exists as discrete “point solutions.” The result is a complex matrix that is extremely expensive to acquire and operate— and isn’t always as secure as it needs to be.

Privafy’s answer is as simple as plug-and-play, delivering not only all the functionality of the legacy security systems, its new, patented technology eliminates vulnerabilities inherent in dated networking architectures.

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A Better Way to Secure Data-In-Motion
Simplify security, eliminate deployment complexity, and slash expenses associated with ineffective legacy solutions.
Comprehensive Security icon
A single, integrated full-stack security solution that protects data as it travels between locations, clouds, mobile devices, and IoT.
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Easy to Use
Plug into the Privafy cloud-delivered solutions to harness the power of security in minutes with data protection throughout your entire business.
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With integrated security functionality, you get the full range of protection necessary to secure Data-in-Motion all at a fraction of the cost.
What's New at Privafy

The way your data travels is changing, why hasn't your security?

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