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SITE, Privafy Announce JV for delivery of Extended Detection and Response solution in the kingdom.

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How are you securing
your Enterprise?

The way we work and communicate has changed.

Challenges for cyber security have increased manifold.

Enterprises must adapt to this world of increased threats by protecting their networks, endpoints, and data as it moves across users, devices, enterprises, and communications service providers, in an integrated fashion.

Privafy’s next-generation cyber security-as-a-service is integrated security, redefined for this new world.

Why Privafy

Integrated Comprehensive Security

Solve today’s most pressing security dilemmas!

More than 80% of all data breaches occur while data is travelling between networks, endpoints, and the cloud. Data breaches occur from different locations. Disparate legacy systems and point-solutions won’t provide the necessary detection and protection, but Privafy can with its integrated cloud-native security-as-a-service.

Is Your Enterprise Secure?

Managed security services represent a massive revenue opportunity for carriers and service providers (CSP). With Privafy CarrierEdge™, CSPs can quickly deploy a full security stack solution at their network’s edge for revenue-generating managed security services to their subscription customers.
IoT Devices
IoT device manufacturers need security hardening to succeed. Privafy MicroEdge™ delivers embedded security hardening at the chip level for complete security stack capabilities in a micro-sized footprint, allowing device manufacturers to deliver data-in-motion security out of the box.
The mobile enterprise is here to stay, accelerating the need to secure data-in-motion anywhere, on any device. Privafy CloudEdge™ is a scalable, flexible security-stack-as-a-service that protects data-in-motion between the cloud, your enterprise, and your employees while driving down CapEx costs.

Privafy is your security stack

We’ve toppled the status quo of the traditional disparate security stack and infrastructure. Privafy’s cloud-native security solution, provides state-of-the art integrated security service, while significantly reducing the cost and complexity of traditional security systems to protect the network, endpoints and data for enterprises. Privafy enables Service Providers to offer this service to their customers without heavy upfront investment.


For Service Providers/Carriers

For telecommunications and security service providers, there is CarrierEdge. Built to help carriers deliver managed security services to their customers through the cloud, enabling rapid scalability through simple, flexible subscription models. CarrierEdge provides a complete, enterprise-class security stack that protects data-in-motion as it moves between the enterprise, the carrier network, and the cloud. CarrierEdge also enables client-less implementations.


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For Enterprises

For enterprises, there is CloudEdge. Created for enterprises whose workforces increasingly connect through the cloud, CloudEdge eliminates the need for expensive, point-based security solutions by delivering full security-stack capabilities at the premise, at private data centres as well as at enterprise public cloud locations, reducing cost and complexity while enabling rapid scalability through simple, flexible deployments. CloudEdge and AppEdge combined deliver SSE and EDR security at a fraction of the cost to your enterprise.


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For IoT

For IoT device manufacturers, there is MicroEdge. Designed for rapid, simple integration into existing IoT chipsets, MicroEdge delivers embedded security capabilities for data-in-motion as it moves from devices through hybrid cloud environments, allowing IoT device manufacturers to provide data security assurance to their customers at a lower price per device.

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Privafy has packaged a complete security stack in a single cloud-based service that delivers all the functionality (and more) of a traditional multivendor stack including encryption, firewall, DDoS protection, intrusion detection/prevention, data loss prevention, deep packet inspection, and SD-WAN security.
If you purchased individual security solutions to match the services that Privafy delivers, it would cost 10X or more. Businesses will benefit by moving from a CapEx to OpEx model without sacrificing security and control. With flexible pricing that makes it easy to scale your security up or down, Privafy is the right choice.
Rapid Deployment
Privafy’s solutions integrate quickly and seamlessly with your existing security ecosystem. Simply activate the service and Privafy begins securing your data in motion in moments, with live monitoring of threats and alerts so that you can rest assured that Privafy is working hard to protect your business and your customers.
What's New at Privafy

Want to simplify—and strengthen—your security, eliminate deployment complexity, and slash expenses associated with ineffective legacy solutions? Let’s talk.

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