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SITE, Privafy Announce JV for delivery of Extended Detection and Response solution in the kingdom.

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Managed Security
for Service Providers

If you are a Mobile Carrier, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and you could deliver a premium managed security service, that customers would pay for, month after month, would you?

Of course. But the reality is that developing, deploying, and maintaining a hosted security service is complex and expensive. Until Privafy.

Privafy is the security-as-a-service you’ve waited for

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Start monetizing managed security services right now

Privafy Service Provider Solutions help carriers, ISPs  and security service providers very quickly launch, and sell managed security services to enterprise as well as residential customers. Privafy solutions focus on securing internet access, securing private access to customers’ cloud and enterprise assets,  as well as focus on comprehensive endpoint detection and response for the end customer. Using a crafted mix of standards-based security methods and our own patented technology, Privafy’s Service Provider solutions deliver a comprehensive security stack as a service that dramatically reduces cost, complexity, and risk. What’s more Privafy provides a white-labelled solution and this enables the service providers or carriers to label the entire solution with branding that your customer base already knows and loves.

You’ve already built the network. Now you can leverage the presence and trust you’ve built with customers by adding managed security services to your portfolio. Privafy solutions can be rolled out quickly, securely, and inexpensively to any of your customer on your network. Privafy solution can be deployed at your data centres or on public cloud of your choice. No specialized hardware is needed, no additional security staff is required. With a low up-front investment in time and money, and flexible customer billing starting with a low monthly fee, Privafy solutions deliver a very fast return on investment while strengthening your services portfolio.


Privafy Cloud Services

The Privafy CloudServices  allows carriers and ISPs to launch their security services at high scale. Privafy CloudServices is an essential component of the solution and may be deployed at the Service Providers’s private data centres or any public cloud. Privafy deploys, maintains and operates this service on behalf the service provider. Frequent updates to security policies, which are derived from continuous threat intelligence gleaned from multiple feeds, ensure that the end customer’s is always protected with  up-to-date information on latest cyber threats.

Privafy CarrierEdge

Privafy CarrierEdge is a multi-tenant enforcement point and is be hosted in the Service Providers distribution hubs. For mobile carriers and internet service providers as your customer data traffic makes its first hop to the distribution hub, before leaving to the Internet, all security policies for each customer can be enforced before the traffic is passed to its destination. Each customer gets their own dashboard (under your brand) to manage their security policies. The customers uses merely install the Privafy AppEdge on their endpoints and do not need to deploy anything on their premises. The same dashboard delivers endpoint detection alerts  and mitigation to your end customers devices, when the capability is enabled.   A single CarrierEdge supports several hundred customers at once and several thousand endpoint devices. The CarrierEdge may also be deployed on other data center locations or public cloud.


Privafy XEdgeConnect

Privafy XEdgeConnect technology allows carriers to seamlessly integrate Privafy security services with existing customer premises equipment (CPE) (such as legacy routers), creating secure connections from the customer’s physical locations to the Service Providers CarrierEdge. By using existing capabilities on the customer’s legacy CPE device, and by interconnecting it with the CarrierEdge – the customer can take advantage of all the enhanced policy and fine-grained access control for his users behind that are behind CPE device.  Without adding additional VPN capabilities users may also connect into the enterprise network via the CarrierEdge and CPE  using Privafy AppEdges.


Privafy CloudEdge

Privafy CloudEdge can also be, optionally deployed and managed by the Service Provider on behalf of the customer to  protect the customer’s cloud workloads. CloudEdge installs as a virtual appliance on baremetal computers or virtual machines. CloudEdge bring a host of security features including but not limited to NGFW, WAF, SWG, ZTNA. Traffic entering the customers network and leaving the customers pass through this cloudEdge for advanced security.


Privafy AppEdge

Privafy AppEdge is an agent that is installed on end user computers and server computer systems. It establishes a secure point-to-point connection to the Privafy CarrierEdge (or CloudEdge as the case maybe). All internet, and private network access policies are enforced on the CarrierEdge. AppEdge watches all events on the end computers and enable endpoint detection and response capability. An administrator may view  network activity related alerts, view and manage endpoint activity related alerts and perform threat hunting and mitigation on the endpoints from the Dashboard.



Want to simplify—and strengthen—your security, eliminate deployment complexity, and slash expenses associated with ineffective legacy solutions? Let’s talk.

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