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Managed security services
for Carriers/ISPs

If you could deliver a managed security service that customers would pay for, month after month, would you?

Of course. But the reality is that creating, deploying, and maintaining a hosted security service is complex and expensive. Until now.

This is the security-as-a-service you’ve waited for


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Start monetizing managed security services right now

Privafy carrier solutions help carriers and ISPs quickly launch, brand, and sell managed security services from their network to enterprise and residential customers. Privafy solutions focus on securing data-in-motion as it moves between networks, devices, and the cloud. Using a mix of standards-based security methods and our own patented technology, Privafy’s carrier solutions deliver a comprehensive security stack as a service that dramatically reduces cost, complexity, and risk.

If you bill it, they will come

You’ve already built the network. Now you can leverage the presence and trust you’ve built with customers by adding managed security services to your portfolio. Privafy carrier solutions can be rolled out quickly, securely, and inexpensively to any customer on your network. No specialized hardware is needed, no additional security staff is required. With a low up-front investment in time and money, and flexible customer billing starting with a low monthly fee, Privafy carrier solutions deliver a fast return on investment while strengthening your services portfolio.

Privafy CarrierEdge

Privafy CarrierEdge can be hosted in your distribution hubs. As customer data traffic makes its first hop to the distribution hub, security policies for each customer are enforced before the traffic is passed to its destination. Each customer’s traffic and its linked policies can be updated by the end user and the carrier from a centrally managed Privafy cloud.

Privafy NetEdgeConnect

Privafy NetEdgeConnect allows carriers to seamlessly integrate security services with customer premises equipment (CPE), adding secure encryption from the physical location to the first distribution hub. NetEdgeConnect can also be deployed on more specific LAN or residential devices. This flexibility allows security policies to be as granular as needed (e.g., per user, per smart device), including parental controls for residential customers.

Privafy CloudEdge

Privafy CloudEdge can be hosted and managed by carriers/ISPs to protect the cloud workloads of enterprise customers. With CloudEdge, carriers can assure completely secure connectivity from the user to any physical or virtual enterprise location. In addition, traffic is always protected from inbound attacks and blocked from going to any malicious destinations.

Privafy AppEdge

Privafy AppEdge is a client-based app that establishes a secure point-to-point connection between Privafy CloudEdge and any authorized mobile/remote device. Multifactor authentication ensures that only authorized AppEdge users can establish a connection with their business’ network or cloud environment. Enterprise network policies are enforced during the connection to prevent users from accessing unauthorized files.

Privafy Cloud Services

The Privafy CloudServices  allows carriers and ISPs to launch their security services at high scale. Activation and configuration of the Privafy edges are automated. Frequent updates to security policies, which are derived from continuous threat intelligence gleaned from multiple feeds, ensure that the end customer’s data is always protected and up-to-date with the latest cyber threats.


Want to simplify—and strengthen—your security, eliminate deployment complexity, and slash expenses associated with ineffective legacy solutions? Let’s talk.

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