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SITE, Privafy Announce JV for delivery of Extended Detection and Response solution in the kingdom.

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Categorize Existing Network Attacks

Understanding the threats your firewall successfully stopped is easy, but it’s more valuable to study the attacks it didn’t stop. Achieving this additional layer of insight drives the actionable intelligence needed to stop future attacks and remediate current breaches. Furthermore, a deep understanding of network traffic and usage can immensely help an organization understand its costs and needs and design a more effective networks for its employees and customers.

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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Legacy firewalls are built on rule engines which are infrequently updated. As a result, organizations often struggle to provide a report on threats that were not detected or stopped by their existing firewall.

Achieve Actionable Intelligence

Privafy categorizes and evaluates network security standards with a multitude of threat databases – concurrently — updated in real-time as frequently as every five minutes — while leveraging artificial intelligence to continuously learn and baseline traffic patterns.

With Privafy, organizations can mitigate the chances of their traditional firewalls failing to detect incoming threats by leveraging Privafy’s

  • Comprehensive reporting, which helps organizations measure the effectiveness of the existing solution — including the value of augmenting the current state of your network with Privafy versus replacing it completely.
  • The detailed insights from the network can be used for making business decisions like the total usage of the bandwidth allowing analyzing the spend on bandwidth or for measuring the efficacy of the existing firewall while evaluating upgrades or new purchase.

Want to simplify—and strengthen—your security, eliminate deployment complexity, and slash expenses associated with ineffective legacy solutions? Let’s talk.

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