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SITE, Privafy Announce JV for delivery of Extended Detection and Response solution in the kingdom.

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Enterprise Security at Start-up Prices

Start-up businesses face unprecedented challenges. They have to deal with all the cybersecurity risks large companies face, but with half the resources, time, budget and operational resiliency afforded to enterprise-sized companies.

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Peace of Mind Protection

Start-up’s are more than just companies, their personal, 24/7/365 investments that never stop and never take a day off. Start-ups represent commitments entrepreneurs make to unconditionally protect and grow their businesses.

More than a job, it’s your life, and Privafy gets it. That’s why we’re committed to providing start-ups with the best protection possible at costs that won’t break the bank.

The Privafy Start-up Advantage

Our IT security solutions offer starting companies access to enterprise grade security without degrading performance, and at a pace that can scale with the ebbs and flows of your business.

Our proprietary encryption approach for secure connectivity protects any location and any user device with unparalleled security. And it doesn’t matter if you have thousands or even millions of concurrent connections.

As a result

  • The Privafy solution provides a comprehensive security solution at a fraction of a cost by saving operational cost, upfront heavy investments for deployment of point solutions, eliminating the need for hiring security experts to manage the solution.
  • The service updates the security policies automatically so there is no manual intervention required, which is a common security vulnerability.
  • The ability to access the workloads securely from anywhere and any device allows flexibility for users to collaborate remotely.

Check Out Our Technology Pages to Learn How Privafy:

Augments your existing IT security.

Mitigates the need to hire or train additional in-house security experts.

Removes the need for you to remember to install every new patch and security update across all systems.

Want to simplify—and strengthen—your security, eliminate deployment complexity, and slash expenses associated with ineffective legacy solutions? Let’s talk.

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