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SITE, Privafy Announce JV for delivery of Extended Detection and Response solution in the kingdom.

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Comprehensive, cloud-native, security-as-a-service
Secure, Scalable,
And Affordable Security.
Privafy's platform include a unified edge, a cloud service model and a integrated dashboard to easily manage security policy, configuration,
and monitoring at an affordable SaaS price.

Full-Stack Security Reimagined

Cloud-Native Privafy’s cloud-native service simplifies security in a single, integrated, real-time solution. Zero-Trust Network Access reduces risk by continuously authenticating, authorizing, and validating all users with dynamic, unified access policies and controls and 24x7 service monitoring, ensuring high network availability.
As a security-as-a-service (SECass), Privafy requires very low operational expenditures (OpEx), with no expensive hardware or software to buy or maintain. Plus, there’s no need for dedicated staff for provisioning, patching, and updating software, eliminating the chance of costly human error.
Fast and Easy Deployment
Privafy’s Zero Touch provisioning makes installation and management easy. A feature-rich centralized dashboard monitors critical insights, threat alerts, security trends, enforcement points, and policies for all locations, devices, clouds, and applications, enabling organizations to roll out security initiatives rapidly.

Unparalleled Protection

To protect against the broadest spectrum of attacks and threats, we constantly update our service to:

Defend any network, anywhere, with inbound controls and content screening to prevent attacks like viruses, worms, ransomware, and malware

Protect your services from unauthorized remote access attacks like Man-in-the-Middle or unauthorized surveillance

Secure your Services from DDoS/DoS and malicious interruptions like Bot or Zombie attacks

Prevent data loss and safeguard your data against outbound violations caused by rogue employees or unauthorized access


The Privafy Difference

Privafy is a transformative solution for strengthening your clients’ network and data security. Comprehensive, easy-to-use, affordable, and flexible, Privafy’s unique architecture and robust data security service support all the environments a network requires – cloud, headquarters and branches, apps, home, and mobile devices. Our cloud-native service is constantly updated to be increasingly efficient in providing protection against threats and attacks

Absolute Encryption
Privafy's unique architecture eliminates traditional key-provisioning into endpoints. And because our encryption is cloud-assisted, it requires no static keys provisioning or administration. Keys are frequently rotated on a per-flow basis, minimizing brute-force cracking attempts. Cumbersome mesh topologies and tunnel management are also eliminated. Encryption strength is an essential security capability that can be compromised in systems that use static keys – Privafy's Absolute Encryption provides unmatched protection against unauthorized access to sensitive data.
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Endpoint Identity Protection
Our technology safeguards your Endpoint identities with a unique hyper-ledger system throughout its lifecycle, relying on secure hardware modules and banking-grade platform capabilities to establish a secure root of trust. All Privafy endpoints are designed to connect only to our cloud service; any violations prevent the endpoint from getting service authorization – effectively clone-proofing Privafy endpoints.
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Impervious Firewall
Traditional firewalls incorporate static ports to allow services to traverse the network perimeter. Unused static ports can remain open and become notoriously vulnerable and difficult to manage. Privafy implements robust and flexible firewall functionality using dynamic perimeter controls. Only authorized applications are allowed to traverse the perimeter on a per-flow basis – once an application terminates, any new traffic will generate a new event – thereby eliminating breaches due to static ports.
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Deep Content Inspection
Privafy incorporates full content inspection at line rates, allowing for comprehensive malware screening on inbound traffic. Additionally, our cloud-native architecture allows for concurrent screening using multiple threat databases that you subscribe to – giving you the broadest possible coverage. Our service also allows you to inspect outbound traffic for data loss prevention, including screening for specific risks like PII data or specific company secrets – all without application performance degradation.
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Non-Degrading Performance
All rules, policies, and logic are executed in our lightweight endpoints. A proprietary hyper-efficient control protocol coupled with efficient client software allows us to provide all the services in our portfolio without degrading application performance. Our accelerated processing allows for smooth performance of even the most latency-sensitive applications.
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Ultra-High Service Availability
To match your security business needs,Privafy provides unmatched reliability and uptime. Our clients can be implemented in a variety of fault-tolerant configurations protecting against device, location, and broadband network failures. Privafy’s container management technology allows for our cloud-native services to be elastically implemented on different public clouds and multiple jurisdictions – concurrently – protecting you against catastrophic cloud outages.
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Full Service Provider Solution Platform
Wireline and Wireless network security solutions along with Public, Private cloud, and SaaS applications. Protection for WAN-based IoT solutions. All this with full API-based integration and compatibility into IT OA&M systems. See More
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Consumer Mobile Service With Parental Controls
Privafy ConnectAssured delivers safety and security to consumers. Quickly downloaded and instantly provisioned, this cloud-based app establishes a secure, encrypted connection to any network or hosted/private cloud from any smartphone or mobile device. The Parental Control setting enables account owners to manage each user's internet access by time of day, duration, app, site type of content, or region.
Clientless Implementations
Security-as-a-network service/Security-software-as-a-service results in no on-prem device impacts for Carrier provided solutions. No truck rolls for new installs and maintenance. Full Client Stack can be easily integrated into Home/Enterprise or 4G/5G Router if required for more granular policy control and enforcement.
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Intuitive Dashboard
PrivafyCentral, a web browser-based tool, monitors and configures all Privafy services. Multi-tenant support enables service and security providers to manage and configure multiple organizations, networks, and devices. APIs provide an easy way to extract SIEM/SOAR data into an existing SOC. See More
Unrivaled Sustainability
Delivers the perfect pairing of protection and efficiency demonstrated by our ability to secure and protect data and network connections anywhere while reducing power consumption by 90% more than conventional point solutions. See More See More
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CASB Complete Visibility
As a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Privafy provides exceptional visibility across all exposure domains–Perimeter, Applications, and Users. Our cloud-based databases with real-time updates provide rapid response to ensure your protection and privacy are always current, no matter how threats evolve. See More

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