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SITE, Privafy Announce JV for delivery of Extended Detection and Response solution in the kingdom.

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Connect to Your Business Data with Confidence and Security
Work Securely with any Device, from any Location
Today, businesses must rely on the ability to work securely even if that means doing so remotely. Employees require secure access to data across a variety of devices and setup needs to be timely and simple. With Privafy, you can set up security access for all of your employees within hours. No hassles. Immediate protection.
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Protect Employees with an Offer from Privafy

At Privafy, we recognize that many businesses need to enable their remote workforce without compromising security.  While you may have worked to secure your physical office and/or cloud and cloud-based applications, this security may not extend to the remote workplaces of your employees. We also understand the need to do so is immediate. For this reason, we’ve created an offer that allows businesses to work securely in a matter of hours, not weeks.

Secure your Cloud-based Business + Remote Workers

For businesses that rely on a public cloud and remote workers

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The Mandate to Secure our Remote Workers

Overnight, the remote workforce has increased exponentially and so has the attack surface that is so inviting for hackers and other bad actors. The number of remote access points creates an unprecedented challenge for security professionals. It’s not just about providing access; it’s about ensuring that every communication between every device and every employee is secure.

Privafy’s cloud-native security technology provides a comprehensive line of defense against malware, man-in-the-middle and DDoS attacks, malicious service interruption, and more. It lets remote workers establish a secure, point-to-point connection—acting like an extension of your business network. It also provides advanced security features such as deep content inspection to prevent users from accidentally or intentionally transmitting malicious traffic while they’re connected.

And because it’s delivered as an affordable cloud-based service, it can be activated for any number of remote users in a matter of hours.


In a time like this, we all have to do everything possible to ensure the safety of our employees. And if that means having more people working from home, it’s also important for the health of your business to ensure the security of your extended network.


Privafy AppEdge and Privafy CloudEdge can provide immediate protection for remote workers who need secure access to business applications and data that reside in the corporate network (AppEdge) or in the cloud (CloudEdge). Both services are available as a bundled service and can be activated in minutes.

Combining Privafy NetEdge with Privafy AppEdge creates end-to-end protection for business data-in-motion as well as critical network protection against viruses, malware and other cyber attacks. Privafy is now bundling both services at a special price to help businesses save more money on their security costs.

Depending on which Privafy service you’re using, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour to set up and deploy Privafy’s security solution. For software-only services such as Privafy CloudEdge and Privafy AppEdge, set up and configuration takes about 15 minutes—as long as it takes to activate a cloud service or mobile app (which is essentially what CloudEdge and AppEdge are). For the NetEdge service, once the NetEdge appliance is delivered, you can expect to spend less than an hour unpacking the device, connecting the two LAN cables to the device’s LAN ports, plugging it into a power source and activating/configuring Privafy’s cloud-based security service through a web browser.

This will depend on the type of Privafy service. For AppEdge, which provides mobile device protection, users will need to download the AppEdge app from the Apple or Google Play store and enter their unique code to activate it. For secure connectivity to the cloud (CloudEdge) and corporate network (NetEdge), connectivity is authenticated through AppEdge and no other steps are needed. This means that even users with no technical background can set up a secure connection to the cloud, corporate network and the Internet in minutes.

NetEdge can function as your primary security source—replacing antivirus software, firewalls,
intrusion prevention/detection systems and VPN services—or as a supplemental security source
for physical locations (e.g., main office, branch office). The first step is to plug the NetEdge into a power source as well as your WAN and LAN connections. At this point the NetEdge device begins analyzing and inspecting all network traffic that enters or leaves the local area network. To ensure the highest level of security, there may be configuration requirements around existing IP network setting including IP forwarding or IP address shortcuts. Once configured, you can monitor and manage your ongoing security within PrivafyCentral.

Yes. Privafy’s service complies with the security guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which is the foundation for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) Enterprise VPN Security recommendations of March 13, 2020.

Yes. Privafy NetEdge and Privafy AppEdge are both designed to detect, filter and mitigate phishing attacks. Privafy’s built-in security intelligence looks for suspicious packets (e.g., dubious email attachments), untrusted IP addresses and other anomalous behavior to identify, block and report phishing attacks. In addition, Privafy shares this intelligence across your enterprise to automatically block similar attacks on all your protected devices.

Because Privafy is a cloud-based security service, businesses can scale the number of VPN connections without limit. While VPN bandwidth will still be limited by your business’ existing network capacity, Privafy NetEdge allows businesses to maximize their network bandwidth by doing deep packet inspection (DPI) in a single path, as opposed to creating a duplicate path for DPI, which can effectively double network throughput.

Yes. Once installed/activated, all Privafy services can be managed remotely through a secure web browser, so that even if IT administrators are off site, on-site security services can still be modified and managed. In addition, as a cloud-based service, Privafy automatically updates its applications across your enterprise as new fixes and security updates are released. IT administrators can also view all security logs and alerts remotely through the PrivafyCentral dashboard from any web browser.

Privafy continually, automatically updates its services as new threat intelligence and virus definitions are discovered. Privafy works with leading global partners to assemble and disseminate a vast library of security definitions that help stop the latest attacks including zero-day viruses.

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