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Letter from the CEO
Guru Pai, Chief Executive Officer, and Founder

A New Approach to Security

The reality of digital adoption has settled in. Businesses are now able to work smarter, better and faster. In this new landscape, however, sensitive data will move beyond the four walls of your business. And as data traverses from one location to the next, the need to secure data-in-motion has become increasingly apparent now more than ever.

Privafy has created a new approach to data security. We are here to simplify the way businesses of every size protect themselves against data-in-motion related threats, while giving control of data security back to the user, regardless of where they are located.

Disparate point solutions are no match against sophisticated cybercriminals. And therefore, the antiquated approach to securing data-in-motion has resulted in massive vulnerabilities infiltrating the Internet. Privafy has redefined Data-in-Motion security with a comprehensive, cloud-native, security-as-a-service offering.

If you are ready to consider a more cost-effective, comprehensive approach to securing your data-in-motion, Privafy can help you understand how we are democratizing Internet security to ensure that your business is always protected.

The way your data travels is changing, why hasn't your security?

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