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SITE, Privafy Announce JV for delivery of Extended Detection and Response solution in the kingdom.

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Letter from the CEO
Guru Pai, Chief Executive Officer, and Founder

The world is changing. Security needs to change with it.

We’re living in an age of unprecedented change.

Working from anywhere has become the new normal. Some of the world’s leading enterprises have already announced that employees won’t need to return to the office, ever.

Over two billion Internet-connect devices will soon be online, creating an Internet of Things(IoT) where machines outnumber people.

And by 2023, 5G mobile services will have transformed how we experience and interact with the world.

In this new mobile world of change, how we secure data-in-motion must change too. Traditional security solutions comprising multivendor stacks of hardware and software have become too complicated and costly to manage. The multiple perimeters of modern enterprises require a fundamental reset of network security architecture for the cloud era.

At Privafy, we saw a better security solution, and we built it: a cloud-native, full security stack, designed to embrace rapid change, large scale, and resilience with a microservices-based architecture that arbitrates access and inspects content across the entirety of the enterprise, cloud, web, and mobile ecosystem.  Privafy is designed for the changing needs of mobile service providers, IoT device manufacturers, and enterprises.

Privafy’s security solutions suite provides complete protection for data-in-motion through an agile cloud-based platform using patented technology to prevent DDoS attacks, service interruptions, data loss, and theft inbound/outbound threats and malicious  content. Simultaneously, we deliver these services at ultra-low latencies by placing security where it matters most—at the edge of the network and on the device—rather than in the data center.

Our solutions can be deployed in carrier networks to protect subscribers, at the enterprise edge to protect networks, on mobile and fixed devices to protect employees, in the cloud to protect cloud-based services and embedded discreetly in IoT devices. By using clientless technology, we can deliver robust security in a lightweight footprint.

We know that change is a constant, so Privafy solutions are automatically updated to address new threats and attacks, newly discovered software vulnerabilities, and new groups of malicious actors. A single pane of glass delivers complete real-time visibility, control, and administration with SIEM and SOAR capabilities and APIs integration into customer billing and care systems.

Change doesn’t have to mean reduced security. With Privafy, you can be secure and be prepared for whatever the future brings.

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