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Six Misconceptions that May Invite a Cyberattack on your Small Business

Plus one thing you can do about it


Avoid Becoming a Cybersecurity Statistic

Cybercrime affects big and small businesses alike, often with no regard for size, reputation or revenue. With statistics that suggest your chance of being hacked as a small business is 50/50, it is critical to understand the telltale signs. This eBook will walk you through the six misconceptions that many small businesses hold about their security risk.

    • The role of mobile or remote devices in cyberattacks
    • How compliance requirements play into your considerations
    • What techniques are most effective in warding off hackers


Written with small businesses in mind, you’ll gain an understanding of the risks and how to think — and avoid — a cyberattack.


1 Morgan, Steve, “Global ransomware damage costs predicted to hit $20 billion (USD) by 2021,” Cybercrime Magazine, October 21, 2019 (Last accessed February 6, 2020),

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