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Working Securely From Home in an Increasingly Insecure World

Working Securely From Home in an Increasingly Insecure World

Recently, pundits were predicting that remote working would displace office life within the next five or ten years, give or take a few years. Well, welcome to the future. Adjusting to life in the post-coronavirus world has been challenging on many levels, particularly for businesses.  This sudden change has left businesses asking themselves the hard questions:

  • How do you get business applications and data into the hands of the people who need them?
  • How do you scale your remote solutions to serve, not 16% of your employees, but 96%?
  • How do you protect business communications and sensitive business data now every employee is working outside the safety of your network firewall?


This whitepaper will highlight the challenges business are facing with traditional VPN hub and spoke solutions.

Download your copy today and learn more about the 5 reasons why Privafy is a better WFH solution than traditional VPN solutions.

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The way your data travels is changing, why hasn't your security?

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